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is a incarnation of Vishnu who has the face of a horse. He is considered as Lord of knowledge/studies and who has the greatest Memory. He is believed to bestow education & knowledge to his worshippers. There are many temples exclusively for Hayagrivar and the important temples among those is the temple at Thiruvandhipuram near Cuddalore and Nanganallur, Chennai in South India.


Pooja welfares by offering cardamom garland to Hayagrivar deity


Devotees offer Cardamom garlands (Elakai Malai) to the Hayagrivar deity. It is a faith that one who offers a Elaichi garland (Cardamom garland) will be blessed with goodness memory. There is a religious belief that offering Cardamom garland to Hayagriva, especially on Thursdays, is considered very special. And also for improvement and progress in education of the childrens, parents offer cardamom garlands to Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva.

Garlands are worthy for occasion such as,

  • Wedding, Engagement, Baby Shower function.
  • Spiritual functions, Birthday, Wedding Anniversay.
  • Special social occasions to reward VIP’s/Chief Guests at League/Conferences/Elections.
  • Offering to a temple deity on auspicious day and for pooja at home or temple.
  • Welcoming Ceremony of celebrities and also to felicitate Political VIP’s
  • Cardamom Garland (Elaichi Mala) is usually used in Indian weddings to welcome guests by giving it as a souviners .This is a unique thing everyone will love to keep for a long time.This is one of the best memorable gifts you can give to your guests in the weddings.
  • A grand traditional and auspicious fragrant elaichi mala made by skilled and experienced artisans, Mala made with 1 kg of natural elaichi woven together to be offered to deity during prayer ceremony. its fragrance will fill up your altar with divine vibrations.
  • Birthday Functions
  • Head tonsuring and Ear Piercing Function
  • Garlands to Hindu Gods / Deities
  • Garland to VIP / Celebrities
  • Wedding Garlands
  • Key Chains
  • Garland with Patchwork and Customized Designs.